Meet the Sparklers!

We... are... family! Check out the lovely teachers with me! doo doo dooo!


Amy Malloy

Founder and live class teacher

HI I'm Amy, an illustrator, mindfulness guide and yoga teacher (over 300hrs of quals) on a mission to help everyone see their sparkle. As an overnight response to the pandemic, I started an online yoga studio - Amy's Yoga Club. It grew far beyond the challenges of the pandemic into a much-loved space offering calm, comfort and community. Creativity, writing and illustration became a bigger part of the club, so Sarah and I came together to bring you Our Sparkle Club, bringing our loves together into this beautiful space.

A special interest in yoga for mental health recovery and post-traumatic growth has brought a simplicity and openness to my practice, promoting choice, agency and acceptance in every class – qualities I believe benefit everyone, regardless of their background, for a calmer, more peaceful everyday existence. 

I move, breathe, doodle and write to keep my mental health in check, and it makes my day to help you do the same. 


Sarah Leyla Puello

Founder and live class teacher

I have been a movement practitioner and creative writer since childhood. I hold over 500 hours of Yoga qualifications, a BA in Creative Writing and a DPhil in Urban Literature.

In yoga, I weave together dynamic dance-like asanas, deliberate breath-work and inward-focused attention with contemporary considerations of traditional yogic principles, to break our bodies open into telling the story of who we truly are. I share this practice in the belief that by giving the body space and time to express itself in a vibrant, intentional and thoughtful way, yogis can begin to piece together their own stories of self-discovery, self-healing and deeper connection to others, to nature and to something beyond themselves. I love the potential for creativity, devotion and therapy that yoga offers, blending styles such as Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti Yoga, and Katonah Yoga.


Susie Murray

Live class teacher

My name is Suse, I live in London and I've been teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga since January 2019 (RYT-200). When I first tried yoga several years ago I instantly felt a synergy with the practice and I would encourage everyone to give it a go, no matter what your preconceptions of it are. There's a lot of imagery out there of yogis doing amazing poses on beaches in £100 leggings and this can make one feel that yoga is an 'exclusive' club. However this is not the case, yoga is for everyone - regardless of age, fitness level or the clothes your practice in. My classes encourage one to recognise that each session is their own practice, no one else's, so one can do the practice that works best for them on the day. So I hope you'll join for class evening, and in the meantime take care!


Hannah McDonald

On-demand & workshops

Hello! I’m Hannah and I currently live in Gothenburg where I work as a visual artist and yoga teacher. I grew up near Canterbury and took my 200hr yoga teacher training back in 2018 with Amy. I’m also currently studying to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. Through my teaching I hope to empower students to listen to their own body, their own needs, and to bring a little self-kindness into their days.


Catriona McCormick

On-demand & workshops

Hello! I’m Catriona, a Scottish yoga teacher based in London teaching both vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. Yoga has had a powerful impact on my life, my confidence, my sense of self. I endeavour to share this and offer a safe space for others to explore the many benefits yoga can offer. Playfulness and inclusivity are at the core of my teaching – my classes are for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or it’s your first time on the mat! I encourage students to listen to their bodies, to have fun and embrace challenges (and laugh at mistakes!) all whilst maintaining integrity of breath in a fluid creative flow.  


Francesca Melluzzi

On-demand & workshops

Hello! I'm a senior yoga teacher, somatic movement teacher and holistic therapist with a passion for supporting women to feel empowered while coming back to their own autonomy through movement, sound and therapeutic art. With around 20 years experience working with people of ages and abilities, my approach is to help people feel seen, heard, valued and nurtured. 
I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel that joy is a possibility. I am also a trauma and mental health informed practitioner.