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Tues 6:45pm: Forrest Yoga

Slow, intentional movement, full yummy feels, no actual trees.

  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Forrest Yoga is an intentional and inwardly-focused practice created by Ana Forrest. It asks us to make the brave choice of showing up to the mat as we are, honestly and compassionately, so that we can see our own inner sparkle and learn to walk this life from our truth. The pace of the class is slow and measured, the breath is deep and wide, the feet are always active and the neck relaxed. Each pose is held for a few breaths with the intention to build strength, flexibility and a deeper connection with the body and emotions overtime, as the postures become more familiar and the breath is felt in different parts of the body. We will sometimes be drawing on intuitive and embodied movement, and sometimes lean more into the defining elements of Forrest Yoga: setting an intent, breathing techniques, core work, and a series of standing, seated and supine poses that will support you in safely and effectively improving your physical, mental and spiritual strength.

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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom