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Thurs 12:30pm: Lunchtime Express Flow

No time for yoga? Give us 30 mins to prove there's ALWAYS time.

  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This is a short 30-minute class incorporating elements of Vinyasa, Perinatal and Forrest Yoga. It is perfect for those who need a full practice and a midday sparkle pick-me-up, but who are also short on time! The class is slow-paced but high energy, with a focus on core, neck, shoulders, backs and hips. Its intent is to help you feel calm enough to delight in a new wave of energy for the rest of your day, or week! This class is for all: new and seasoned practitioners who are keen to move slowly, mindfully, and with close attention to the breath. Modifications can be offered for pregnant people and those recovering from injuries.

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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom