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We'll help you find and keep your sparkle 

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"These classes are proper balms for the soul"

What's the sitch? 


Move, breathe, & create

with us every day.


Practice anywhere, anytime online, either live or on-demand. 


Be part of the loveliest, friendliest community. We care about YOU.  

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What is sparkle?

Sparkle is happiness. But not happiness that you paint on or buy or seek as a destination. It's an inner knowing, already there within you - some days you feel it, some days you don't. We're here to provide daily practices and habits to help you see and keep your inner sparkle, however you're feeling, whatever your background, wherever you are.

Our magic sparkle recipe is: 

1. Connect - community & friendship

2. Move - yoga, breath, wiggling

3. Create - write, doodle, anything


In Our Sparkle Club, we'll help you do each of these things every day. No need for big resolutions, we are about little and often that lasts.


"This club is a total lifeline."

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What's your sparkle recipe?

We're all different. Your unique sparkle recipe is made up of practices that make you feel healthful, centred, and inspired. And little and often is the key. Each of our classes has been lovingly curated to offer different lengths, styles, and dynamics of movement, breath, and creativity, so you can find your personal combo. We want this club to be your sanctuary for all things wholesome, delightful, and supportive (the kettle is always on). Take your pick from the veritable feast of choices below, to find your unique sparkle recipe. 


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