How Our Sparkle Club came to be, in doodles

Our Sparkle Club spun into existence at the end of 2021 when Amy and Sarah realised that all the things that made them sparkle* could live under one roof, and that surely there must be others like them out there! But how did it come to be in the first place?

Dear reader, we doodled it.

Both Amy and Sarah come from the planet of high-achieving academia and careers. This is what they were doing for quite a while, on different sides of the same city, unbeknownst to each other. Both experienced similar mental health challenges, either from the pressures of academia (Sarah) or ongoing anxiety and depression (Amy). If ONLY they'd known each other then.

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One day, completely separately (so, yeah, probably different days, but you get the gist) they both found yoga and mindfulness. Kazzzzing! It was a bit of a lightbulb mo and started them both on a path to healing and happiness which they continue to manage each day. They loved it so much they both trained to teach yoga (and Amy did mindfulness too). And they both trained in specific practices to support mental health, trauma-informed practice, anxiety, and perinatal.

Yes, if ONLY they'd known each other then. 

SPOILER: during this time, they met lovely buddies in their training who are now part of the Sparkle Club team too.

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Meanwhile... creative-ing

For (one of) her degree(s), Sarah studied creative writing and continued to journal like her life depended on it. She still does. 

Meanwhile, Amy started doodling from the moment she could hold a pen and hasn't really stopped, although it's only recently been her job. She has also always rather loved jotting a story or poem or two. 

Looking back, they realised the magic of being creative made both of them feel happy and content, even when things weren't going well. It was a sure-fire way out of the fug. 

At the time, they didn't join the dots that you already have, but they were happier. And they still didn't know each other. 

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Then... a pandemic meet-cute.  


All was going swimmingly. Then there was Covid-19. Really tough times. So overnight both Sarah and Amy shifted to teaching yoga online and threw all their energy into helping people get through it. FINALLY they met over Zoom when Amy invited local yoga teachers to figure out the online thing together one evening. They kept in touch. Amy went to Sarah's class, Sarah came to Amy's. When they were able to, they had coffee. It was all very lovely and they finally connected allllllll the dots (slowly, over a year, but they got there):


Here are the dots they joined. 

Yoga + Breath + Creativity = happy formula.


Yoga + Breath + Creativity + CONNECTION WITH OTHERS = sustainable happy formula. 

Yoga + Breath + Creativity + CONNECTION + Amy + Sarah = SPARKLE CLUB to help others find sustainable happy too. 


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And sooooo Our Sparkle Club was born!

And so Our Sparkle Club was born, launched in winter 2021, and they corralled a gorgeous team of buddies along with them for the ride (Hannah, Susie, Francesca, & Catriona). And you too!

Our Sparkle Club was created to delight your curiosity and bring out your inner beauty. We believe that your sparkle is and has always been there. It's your happy, and we want to empower you to discover the ways in which it shines most brightly and to connect to it whenever you decide. We practice good, happy-promoting things little and often, for sustainable sparkle and contentment.

And that’s not all! Because we believe that EVERYONE deserves to be part of this community, we pay for those who cannot afford to pay – partially or fully - through the takings of the club. We partner with Oxfordshire Mind as part of their referral programme and welcome other partnerships in future (get in touch!).

It's just the loveliest space and we can't WAIT to welcome you into it to help you find and keep your sparkle. 

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